Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TWD Chocolate Oatmeal Almost Candy Bars

If you have a sweet tooth (or a whole mouth full) this is the desert for you!  The recipe was easy to follow, but I felt it called for too many ingredients.  That's why, right before I was ready to stick these little devils in the oven to bake, I added mini marshmallows on top!  What's that you say?  Yes, I did.  I just felt it needed something to make it a bit more visually appealing, AND I had a half opened bag in the pantry that I needed to use up :)

I thought these were going to taste more like a "Chunky" bar with the raisins and nuts, but to me they tasted more like a blondie than anything else. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't taste the raisins even though I'm not a huge fan of the little wrinkled fruit.  If I ever make this cookie/almost candy bar again, I have noted that the raisins are not needed, plus I think I'd cut the use of the sweetened condensed milk in half.  Way to sweet for my tastes.  Oh, and I think I'll use white chocolate instead of the semisweet but then if I do that, I may add the raisins back in!  Who knows.

If you're interested, this recipe as written by Dorie Greenspan can be found on pages 114-115 of her book, "Baking From My Home To Yours"


  1. I left out the raisins, and added peanut butter chips to the top.

  2. I left the raisins out too and found it wasn't too sweet with bittersweet chocolate. Marshmallows sound like over-the-top yumminess!